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Immigration to The New Zealand

Beauty to breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand is not famous only because of the movie "Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien. For many, New Zealand has always been one of their favorite holiday destinations. Nothing really surprising that the Belgians also dream of going to work at the other end of the world. However, the policy of the Government of New Zealand is not to let their country that those with a high level of education. You must have strong professional qualifications.

Residence permits and work

No matter why you want to go in New Zealand, you must apply for a visa. It is strongly advised to prepare your stay. You will be various formalities which will depend on your own goals. You must decide in advance especially if you need a tourist visa or work permit.

If you want to install in New Zealand or to start a business, you will need a "Long Term Business Visa" which allows you to work for an initial period of nine months, extendable to three years. If the company you work up a subsidiary or branch in New Zealand, you need a visa called "Employees of Relocating Business" allowing you to work for 24 months.

New Zealand encourages many potential immigrants to settle on its territory. In fact, many opportunities are offered by various government programs in New Zealand.

The popular flagship program, introduced in 2004, is the skilled immigration program (SMC, or Skilled Migration Category), set up by the New Zealand government to address the shortage of qualified staff in many sectors. A point system selects immigrants. Our points calculator allows you to assess your situation. It should be mentioned that immigration does not always qualified "BAC minimum 3" for the New Zealand government: a degree in French type CAP (Certificate of Professional Competence) with a few years of professional experience provides the right to work in New Zealand for some professions (machinery operator, carpenter, bicycle repair, ...)


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