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Many Pakistanis are interested to apply for Australian VISA. You can apply in two ways:
1- VISA with Points Test
2- VISA without Points Test
In this article, we will focus on the VISA with the points test and tell you what is the procedure for that and how many points do you need to qualify? There are points for every skill and if you are young, genius and educated and you have a grip over English language, you can qualify and score high points. The higher the points are, the higher is the chance to qualify. The Points System is managed by DIBP, i.e. Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection.
We have designed a Points Calculator for you that is helpful in knowing about your points or skills that you should have while apply for Australian VISA. You just have to answer a few questions. At the end, you will see total points, you get. Now, let us see, what are the factors affecting your points:
First of all, your age is the main factor. The required age is below fifty years. Maximum points are for those ranging from 25 to 32. For English proficiency, you can get higher points if you have a superb command over it. It is judged using your IELTS Test (International English Language Testing System). In this test, your communication skills are checked.
Another way to get maximum points is, if you are a Passport-holder of the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. For more points, you may go through the skilled test. IELTS has, further two categories:
1- General IELTS (standard English Test)
2- Academic IELTS (For Academic or Medical Field)
The requirement of General or Academic test depends upon your selected profession. There is a list of skills and professions that are allowed to select. It is called SOL, i.e. Skilled occupations List.

To see your name in the regional list, you should have competent English, some job experience and a few job opportunities. All this is required before the display of the list.

So, overall you are required to get 60 points to be eligible for Australian VISA. Those who get more points, they are selected. Since, the competition has developed, so the qualified persons may also be rejected on the basis of merit of these points. Try to get the highest points by improving your skills.


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