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US Immigration and Study Visa:

If you want to visit the USA, you need to go through the immigration process and get a visa. This visa is of two types:
1- Non-Immigrant
2- Immigrant
First one is a visa for short time visit while second one needs for a long time stay.
If you desire to study from the US, you will need study visa. For this purpose, there are two types of visas, i.e. F-1 and M-1. Selection of the type depends upon your study scheme, duration and institution.

Under F-Category visa come those who have to join University, College or school. M category visa is for those who have to admit to some professional institute that is not related to education.
The first thing is that the school you intend to join approves you as a student under SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Charges will be SEVIS I-901. To conduct an interview with you regarding visa, that institution will give you a form I-20 that you will deliver to Consular. Your dependants can live with you in the USA during your study, but their form will be separate without any charges.
Visa application can be sent online. The form of temporary visa will be DS-160. Your photograph is also required to be attached with the online application. Your interview will be held at the US Embassy or may be at the consulate of your state. If your age is 14 and above, then your interview is necessary otherwise there is no need of any interview.
If you are first time going to US to study, your study visa whether F-1 or M-1 will be ready 4 months before the commencement of your study. But, a point to be noted is that you can go to US on either of visa one month before your study start. On the other hand, those students who are already studying there can regenerate their visa any time they wish. Same as there is no restriction on them to go to US before any specific time period like new students.
You need to make payment of fees, besides, prepare all of the necessary papers including passport, application form, payment invoice of fees, photograph, eligibility certificate of study visa, etc. Moreover, you may be asked to submit extra documents, e.g. any diploma, transcript of record, degree, certificate of TOEFL, etc. You have to bear all the expenses of your residence, study and visit.
Next, the consulate will decide to approve your visa according to the requisites of the United States law. When your interview is going on, you will be said to put your thumb print. He will let you know if anything missing. After your visa is sanctioned, you are liable to pay visa release charges. Here comes the end of visa process. It is recommended not to make big programs before the confirmation of your visa approval.
Another considerable thing is that if you have not taken lectures for 150 days or more than, your visa will be treated like a new studentís.




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