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Most of you are in search of opportunities for studying and serving abroad. Now, your search comes to an end, because we are going to tell you about top ten best websites for this purpose. Find the details below and boost your career:

A) Top ten Study Abroad Resources:

1. Association for Asian Studies:
It is a very popular website that provides time to time updates about the study abroad. It has specifically been designed for the guidance of Asian students to explore new and new opportunities. For more information, visit
2. Study in Australia:
If you desire to study in Australia, a very useful website is Australian Future Unlimited. It is run by the Australian Government and provides details about all the chances of education internationally. Check
3. Europe, Russia and America:
There are so many opportunities for getting education in Europe, Russia and America. For this information, the best website is you can apply for scholarship, internship and jobs in these countries.
4. Study in United States:
American Scandinavian Foundation is a very useful website for getting education and job in US. They sponsor study programs for all the international students. Official link is
5. Study in United Kingdom: is the name of a website that contains up-to-date information for you to get education in world class English universities.

6. Website for Commercial Education: is the name of a famous website that has been created to inform the students about commercial education abroad. This way leads you to serve over there professionally.
7. Institute of International Education:
Institute of International Education (IIE) provides information about the study abroad procedure, passport, and study programs, course of study and vacation details. The owner of the website plans to guide about the international opportunities, the residence and language issues, etc. it has been regarded as one of the best sites for information. Check for further details.
8. Wandering Educators:
It is a website that contains up-to-date record of the study abroad opportunities and the reviews of the students as well. The latest data is shared and complete guideline is provided. The official link of the website is
9. Study Internship Programs, Germany:
Cultural Vistas is a very useful website that shares a valuable information about the internship programs in Germany. The most recent list of internship openings are updated to keep you in touch with the opportunities of study abroad. The official website URL is
10. Website for Studying in the Middle East:
if you want to get education in the middle east, you can easily explore the new and new opportunities from the AMIDEAST (America Middle East Educational & Training Services Incorporation) website, i.e.



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