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Students will discover the path taken What many immigrants come to Canada, and the sacrifices they were prepared to make for a better life.

Even before officially a country, Canada is experiencing waves of immigration. Grosse Ile is a small island of St. Lawrence, about 46 km downstream from Quebec City. Today, Grosse Ile stands in witness of the sufferings and sacrifices endured these immigrants, and an inadequate system to support the level of immigration that has experienced and the difficulties it has encountered.

Before the advent of the aircraft and commercial flights, future immigrants go to their new destinations by boat. Upon termination of the slave trade to North America, the unscrupulous ship owners find another way to make money by offering across the Atlantic at a low price to those who leave their country of origin . Plus they board passengers on their ships, plus the owners richer. The wedges unhealthy, where there is very little fresh air and light, where passengers are packed, become a breeding ground for disease causing a series of epidemics among the first facing the shores of America North. Passengers must endure up to ten weeks of hellish conditions before reaching their port of arrival.

Faced with the incidence of disease found among passengers traveling on these ships, Grosse Ile became a way station, where a ship has to stop before being allowed to continue his journey to the interior of the continent and that any passenger can go down.

The cholera epidemic, which said in 1832, is the event that triggers the transformation of Grosse Ile in a quarantine station where 51 746 Irish and English immigrants are examined. The disease, originally from Asia, has been spread by travelers heading west. Despite the quarantine, the disease managed to reach the city of Quebec, where it is 3800 victims, and Montreal, where 1900 people die the following year. We know very little about the disease at the time, and how to contain it effectively.


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