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Immigrating to Australia is particularly popular among relatively young and skilled workers who wish to settle in a country where living conditions are good, and recognized as such-and excellent job opportunities. In Australia, the immigration of skilled workers is valued and assessed by a points system which takes into account work experience, qualifications and language skills - among others. Il est à noter qu'il existe une myriade de possibilités quant à la façon d'obtenir un visa pour l'Australie. It should be noted that there are a myriad of possibilities as to how to obtain a visa for Australia.

The directors of many immigration programs of the Australian government have carte blanche to grant visas to 152,800 for the period 2007-2008, of which 102 500 only for skilled immigration programs. En 2004-2005, 120 000 visas ont ainsi été délivrés. In 2004-2005, 120 000 visas have been issued

One of the strong motivations of immigration programs implemented by the various Australian governments is to attract a population that can effectively contribute to the strength of the Australian economy. If you are under 45, a minimum level of English means, and skills in one of the many professions or businesses identified as priorities, you are probably eligible through the various immigration programs for skilled workers (including program dedicated to different parts of Australia - must then be prepared to live in a particular region of Australia )



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